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About the Law Office

In 2009 Piotr Niezgoda graduated with a Master’s degree in Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. After completion of attorney-at-law apprenticeship and passing the professional examination, he was entered to the list of the attorneys-at law of the Warsaw Bar Association.

Piotr Niezgoda has cooperated with the advocates’ and attorneys’- law offices on the Warsaw market for many years what enabled him to gain the thorough experience within the complex legal services of corporate clients e.g. companies, as well the experience in assistance the individual clients.

He is specialized in civil, business, commercial companies and labor law. Piotr Niezgoda possesses the broad and long experience in civil and administrative litigation proceedings.

He is fluent in English including legal language and also speaks in German.

The attorney-at law also cooperates with the advocates, other attorneys-at law and the office of a chartered auditor and accountant.