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The Remuneration

The remuneration is settled in each case individually with a client at the beginning of cooperation. Its amount depends on such factors as the kind of an order, the complexity of the case, expenditure of labor, deadline for its performance, as well the value of the claim being subject of a case.

The remuneration of the Law Office may be agreed in compliance with the one of the following methods:

  • the retainer fee (one- time payment for the given service rendered by the Law Office),
  • the remuneration of the basis of hourly rate (the rate agreed with a client for an hour of lawyer’s work is multiplied by the amount of hours necessary to perform the given task),
  • the retainer fee connected with remuneration based of an hourly rate,
  • the retainer fee connected with the remuneration depended upon the result of a case i.e. success fee,
  • the remuneration for a single, standard, legal advice (subject to the level of complication the legal case).